3 Myths About Scanning Hard Copies to Digital for Law Firms

If your law firm still has tons of paperwork stacked in boxes at the office, it is time to hire a digital solutions provider to scan all of those documents into digital copies. Here are three myths regarding going paperless that we want to dispel.

  • Your documents won’t be secure – How secure are documents in a storage room? It’s much easier to break into an office to steal papers than it is to find someone with the skills to hack digital files.
  • I’ll never be able to find the documents I need – That is true if something gets misfiled in a storage room. If something gets misfiled on a server, you can do a search and find the document in seconds (and then move it to the correct folder for future use).
  • We don’t have the time – What you don’t have the time for is a fire, flood, or another disaster that could wipe out all of your documents in an instant. By hiring a third-party to do the scanning for you, you not only save time, but you may even save your business should a disaster ever occur.
Data Conversion Solutions from the Legal Services Experts in Southern California

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