3 Reasons to Digitize Your Law Firm’s Archive Now

It can be tough to think about spending the hours upon hours that would be required to scan every document in your law firm’s archive, but it is a necessity for three main reasons. We are going to address those reasons, and then remind you that all those hours should be handled by someone else (you’ve got billable things to do).

  1. Ease of access – If a paper goes missing in your archive, it’s gone forever. If the documents are labeled properly, a quick search can allow you to find any digital file that you need.
  2. Disaster preparedness – From earthquakes and fires to floods and tornados, the US is no stranger to natural disasters. Is your firm ready should such a disaster occur in your area? Having your documents stored digitally and a backup kept offsite will allow your firm to pick right back up where you left off.
  3. Security and confidentiality – Yes, hacking is a real thing, but most people who are going to steal a legal document will find it much easier to break into a building. Archiving your records digitally protects you from that entire class of criminal.
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