4 Things to Ask Your Records Retrieval Service

If you are looking to outsource your legal records retrieval to an outside service, you don’t want to pick the right one by trial and error. Here are four things you can ask a potential record retrieval service about so that you hire the right team the first time.

  1. How long does it take? – In the legal field, records retrieval is all about speed (without sacrificing accuracy). Find out how long the average retrieval process takes for the types of retrieval your firm requests the most.
  2. What is your process? – Every records retrieval service does things a little differently. You need to be sure that the service you choose meets your standards. For example, how do they go about retrieving records that require a subpoena or special authorization?
  3. Where are you located? – Some services are local, while others are national. If the service is national, what relationship does the service have with the local couriers who will be performing your task for you?
  4. What experience does the service have? – You don’t want to outsource legal records retrieval to a company that has never worked in the legal sector before. Not every field has the same standards for acquiring records the way the legal field does.
The Superior National Records Retrieval Service

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