Data Solutions for Your California Law Firm

Does your law firm have the digital solutions you need to compete in the modern business world? You need to consider the benefits of finding digital solutions for that room of old case documents. Here are a few reasons to think about outsourcing your tech solutions to a third party like Precedent Legal Services.

  • Accessibility when you need it most – By utilizing a Tier 3 data center, we offer maximum uptime. You always need access to your files, and that’s why a few hours of maintenance per year is all you can afford to lose. Content access is assured through backup generators with a 12-hour reserve fuel supply.
  • Your confidential documents need to be secure – Offsite storage protects your clients from a disgruntled employee or a break-in.
  • Redundant data protects you from disasters – California is prone to earthquakes, fires, and other disasters. Having your data stored offsite in Virginia ensures that your firm can survive a crisis. This has to be a part of your disaster preparedness plan.
Digital Solutions for Your Law Firm

Precedent Legal Services in San Diego offers the data solutions you need. We can help turn your hard copies into digital records with our legal scanning service. This has allowed some firms to become virtually paper-free. If that sounds like the direction you want to take your law firm, give us a call today at 619-550-1589. Our services are affordable enough for firms of all sizes and structures. You can also get the process started by requesting a quote online today.

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