Don’t Make These Document Copying & Scanning Mistakes at Your Firm

Does your law firm require hundreds or even thousands of copies per month? Do you have an entire storage room of documents that need to be scanned? Then this article is for you. Here are the document copying and scanning mistakes that law firms make.

  • Not having digital backups – Maybe your team is meticulous about filing everything the right way, so you never have a problem finding documents in the records room. But you should at least have a digital backup in case of emergency. Floods, fires, earthquakes, or other disasters could destroy paper copies in an instant.
  • Making copies in-house – There are two problems with making copies in-house. First of all, it wastes a ton of time. Second, the copier is always broken, out of paper, out of ink, or causing a problem in some way.
  • Trying to scan everything yourself – Maybe if your old records were already scanned, you could keep up. But no law firm has time to get all of those old documents scanned. You need to outsource this task to a reputable legal services provider.
Legal Services for San Diego Law Firms

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