Expect More from Your Legal Records Retrieval Service

In the legal field, records retrieval is an ordinary occurrence. Sometimes, it is as simple as going to a public building to acquire records that are considered public information. At other times, it is about acquiring subpoenas to get medical records and other types of confidential or sealed documents. Regardless of your needs, you should expect a lot from your records retrieval service. Here are some of the things that Precedent Legal Services can do for you.

  • Locate the records your firm is searching for
  • Retrieve the documents legally, whether that requires obtaining a subpoena or getting them in some other manner
  • Making the copies of the retrieved documents that you require for your case.
  • Getting certified copies of documents if this is required for your situation
  • Delivering the documents on time… because your case won’t wait for your records retrieval service to do their job

Always be sure to hire a records retrieval service that is experienced in acquiring documents for law firms. Otherwise, you may end up with inadmissible records.

When You Want the Best Records Retrieval Services in Southern California

Precedent Legal Services is proud to offer records retrieval, document copying and scanning, and many other services to law firms in southern California. To learn what we can do to help boost productivity for your firm, give us a call today at 619-550-1589. Or you can request a quote online. We look forward to joining forces with your firm to help your business thrive.

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