Information Your Process Servers Can Use to Complete Service Faster

Once you have found a professional service to handle service of process for your law firm, you want to ensure that you get the most benefit. One way to do so is to share the information that you have with the process servers. Here are a few things that can speed up the process.

  • Photographs of the person to be served – This can help the process server to identify the right person. Trying to serve the wrong person first can tip someone off that papers are coming, and that can lead to a game of cat and mouse that contributes to delays. If no picture is available, provide the best description you possibly can.
  • Provide all known contact info – This would include alternative living or work addresses. If the servers find the first address abandoned, having other possible locations to try will speed up the process.
  • Provide any vehicle information you have – Vehicle descriptions can allow a process server to gauge whether the person to be served is at home or the office before making his or her presence known. This is particularly important when going into an anticipated adversarial situation.
Professional Process Servers in Southern California

Precedent Legal Services offers your firm the professional process servers you want at your disposal. Hiring professionals decreases serving time and allows you to get on with your case. To learn more about this and other services that we offer to firms in southern California, give us a call today at 619.550.1589, or you can request a quote online.

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