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Precedent Legal Services is here to assist you with all your litigation copying, printing and scanning needs.  The volume of documents that require reproducing can be exceptionally time consuming and while many legal firms prefer to keep this in-house, frequently the equipment being used is not able to handle the sheer volume of reproductive work.  Precedent Legal Services uses the most efficient, state of the art machinery, to reproduce your documents quickly and more cost effectively.  Outsourcing these tasks to Precedent Legal Services frees up your team members to conduct more pressing work, and offers the most cost-effective approach to production and sourcing of print materials.   According to a several market research firms employees spend roughly 45% of their time performing their core job responsibilities with the other 55% being wasted on tasks like copying and scanning, attending meetings and inbox management.  We can streamline this for you by taking on the copying and scanning tasks.

We specialize in completing large projects within a short period of time.  We can paginate according to your requirements. We offer rapid reproduction of briefs, depositions, transcripts and reports, and we provide these services either on-site or at our state-of-the art conversion equipment. Our experienced staff and professional grade equipment will insure your copying and scanning project is a success, and understand the sensitive nature of your documents, ensuring the security of the documents given to us.  Make sure you also check our data solutions or give us a call today to get a cost and time quote for copying and scanning your documents, and learn more about how Precedent Legal Services can help your firm.

The Importance of Legal Copy and Scanning Services

It’s not unusual for overworked legal professionals to find themselves wasting precious time on tedious tasks like scanning and copying mountains of documents when their talents could be put to much better use elsewhere. When you want to allocate resources more effectively during the trial preparation process, there’s no better way to free up your staff than by handing over time-consuming copy and scanning projects to the trusted team at Precedent Legal Services.

Whether you’re pressed for time or you simply don’t have the equipment or manpower to get through all of the scanning and copies needed for upcoming trials, Precedent Legal Services can reduce your burden, ensuring that essential files are backed up with both digital and hard copies, and providing needed copies of documentation for all parties involved. With the right equipment and resources, we can save you time and money with efficient, organized copy and scanning services nationwide.

Advantages of Outsourcing Legal Copy Services to Precedent Legal Services

In any successful law firm, there’s plenty of work to go around, and while you can always task interns and entry-level employees with undesirable tasks like making copies, the truth is that even interns are likely too qualified for this menial chore. If you want to make the most effective use of your resources, Precedent Legal Services will not only free up your employees to focus on more important work, but we’ll ensure that every project is completed to your satisfaction.

Our legal copy services offer the most cost-effective means of speeding and streamlining otherwise laborious copying and scanning, and we go out of our way to meet your deadlines and maintain data security throughout, so you can preserve client and firm privacy. We conveniently manage copy and scanning service for millions of documents so you don’t have to.

Our Legal Copy and Scanning Services

Copying and scanning isn’t always a simple matter. Litigation scanning, in particular, requires a level of precision and attention to detail that other businesses don’t necessarily require. A failure to accurately display every detail, from the placement of staples and paperclips, to the order of pages or the addition of loose papers, can have significant consequences.

At Precedent Legal Services our copy and legal scanning services are specialized to serve the unique requirements of litigation support. We can not only copy with 100% accuracy, but we can create digital copies of the same, including load-ready images and searchable PDFs. If you only have digital files, we can create hard copies for backup, and we always provide end-to-end services to your specifications, with any required stapling, tabs, collation, and so on.

Whether you need black and white, full color, or oversized duplication of documents or images, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver, with the finishing and binding services that preserve a professional appearance.

Choose Precedent Legal Services for Professional Legal Copy and Scanning

When you need reliable, convenient, and affordable copy and scanning services, Precedent Legal Services delivers with an array of specialized options designed to support your law practice. Our comprehensive, end-to-end services ensure that the job is always done right, on time, so you can devote your resources to more important tasks.

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