What are Court Filing Services?

Court Filing

In any given legal proceeding, law firms may be required to file a number of documents on behalf of their clients, and the process can become tedious, to say the least. At one time, it was required that original, signed documents be filed in person, but times and technologies have changed, so that now, there are a number of ways to undertake court filings. In some cases, faxed or electronically submitted copies are acceptable.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have the time and resources to devote to the task of managing every court filing required for ongoing operations. Since it is imperative that court filing occurs in a timely matter, it’s in your best interest to partner with experienced and trusted nationwide court filing services.

At Precedent Legal Services, we’re happy to manage court filing for:

  • Subpoenas
  • Summons
  • Restraining Orders
  • Divorce and Family Law Documents
  • Probate, Civil, Family, Criminal, Personal Injury, and Civil Litigation
  • and more

The success of your legal case may hinge on accurate and timely court filing. Whether you’re filing to commence legal action or supplement an ongoing case, failure to file on time could cause you to exceed a statute of limitations or miss other deadlines, potentially delaying your case or resulting in detrimental outcomes like a case being dismissed with prejudice.

With Precedent Legal Services on your side, you need never worry about missing important court filing deadlines. Whether we have to deliver your documents in person, electronically, or by other means, we do so without the need for you to send runners to our location or to the court. We can manage the process without ever setting foot in your office thanks to our secure client portal and a strong commitment to making every aspect of your operations easier through comprehensive litigation support.

How our Court Filing Services Work

Although every law firm has their own policies and procedures, and every case demands unique treatment, Precedent Legal Services follows a stringent process to ensure that critical court filing services are conducted in an effective and efficient manner. It all starts by providing a secure and convenient upload portal for your law firm.

All you have to do is upload digital copies of your documents to our secure and intuitive portal. From there, we’ll print, assemble, and review documents to ensure that everything is completed according to your specifications, after which we’ll deliver the filing to the court. Even if you’re in a state that doesn’t allow for e-filing of court documents, we’ll make sure they are filed on time and complete, for your peace of mind.

Our review process is designed to catch any mistakes that could occur, from errors in the case number, to incorrect court location, and more. We correct these issues to ensure successful court filing every time. You can always check the status of your court filing through our simple filing portal. One click is all it takes to find out if your court filing is complete or determine where we are in the process.

Benefits of Professional Court Filing

You might naturally balk at paying for court filing services, but you’ll be happy to discover that you can actually save both time and money by outsourcing this critical task to seasoned professionals. Consider the amount of time and resources wasted copying, organizing, and mailing or delivering court filings.

This tedious task uses up internal resources, from manpower that could be devoted to more important tasks, to the paper, envelopes, and printing equipment and accessories required. If mistakes are made, you could throw away countless hours and assets on reprinting, collating, and more.

Precedent Legal Services manages every aspect of this process for you, from the moment you upload your documents to our secure portal. We offer additional oversight to catch potentially costly mistakes and ensure that every detail is accurate. You never again have to wait at court windows, risk sending couriers, or wonder what the status of your court filing is.

We’re already set up for electronic filing, which is where court filing is heading, even in states that are behind the curve, so we can hit the ground running as soon as your state allows for this new filing medium. Progressive initiatives, paired with meticulous organization, ensure successful court filing for every case, saving you time and money and allowing you to allocate your resources most effectively.

Reliable Court Filing with Precedent Legal Services

Precedent Legal Services is a leader in litigation support, including trial support, records retrieval, copy and scanning, and more, as well as critical court filing services. Our ultimate goal is to make your job easier by taking on the burden of tedious, but necessary tasks that otherwise divert your valuable resources.

Our court filing service, in particular, is incredibly easy to take advantage of, thanks to a secure client portal that offers intuitive function and streamlined, transparent processing. Our services are thorough, but we’re still able to provide the rapid turnaround busy law firms expect. We always work with your schedule to ensure that you never miss an important deadline.

Precedent Legal Services takes great pride in offering dependable court filing and other litigation support services, and we provide competitive pricing that works for your budget. When your resources are stretched thin, you can better allocate in-house equipment and manpower by teaming up with the expert professionals at Precedent Legal Services. We manage time-consuming tasks so you can turn your focus to more important aspects of trial preparation.

When you want to save time and money on court filing, Precedent Legal Services offers the speed, security, oversight, tracking, and professional management that put your mind at ease and get the job done right. Contact us today at our nearest location by phone or online to learn more about our court filing services and our incredible range of other beneficial litigation support services.

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