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Precedent Legal Services, Inc is a member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers, a  Worldwide Organization of the largest community of professional process servers and the first resource for credible information regarding the profession.  NAPPS members assure a citizen’s right to due process and access to the legal system. To this end, a NAPPS member is committed to being accountable, reliable and valuable to their legal clients, the courts, and the parties and witnesses they serve.  We are proud to be a NAPPS member and when you employ Precedent Legal Services as your process server you know you will be getting the most reliable, efficient and effective service of process possible.

Precedent Legal Services understands that when service needs to be completed, time is of the essence. Our vast network of process servers facilitate fast and efficient service.  Whatever you need, we can handle the job. We serve all types of legal documents including, subpoenas, unlawful detainers, small claims, divorce papers, family court documents, petitions, discovery documents, eviction notices and more. Our policy is to notify you within 4 hours after completion of service.  We will also provide the proof of service to you within 72 hours, most times sooner. We also file the original proof with court upon request.  We are dedicated to giving you the most professional, highest possible process service at the most reasonable rates.

Check our trial support services too, or contact us today to learn more about how we can handle your service of process needs.  Precedent Legal Services, Inc. is here to help.

What is Service of Process?

Every citizen is granted the right of due process under the U.S. Constitution – no person can be deprived of life, liberty, or property without the due process of law being observed. A process server is tasked with protecting a defendant’s right to due process by providing a copy of a lawsuit or notice of legal proceedings filed against that person.

A defendant must appear in court at their designated hearing time in order to take advantage of the opportunity to mount a defense. If they don’t show up when required, the plaintiff can request a default judgment be made against the defendant. This is why it’s so important for defendants to be informed when they are scheduled to appear in court.

Service of process is a procedure by which a process server acts as a go-between, delivering appropriate notice to appear to an individual or entity following the filing of a lawsuit, so that the defendant may have adequate time to respond or appear. What happens when proper notice isn’t given? If a defendant is not served, or fails to receive service in a timely manner, it’s possible that the court may refuse to proceed with the case until the defendant is properly notified, and this can hold up a client’s case.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for defendants to dodge a summons by avoiding service of process, in the hopes that they may delay the court case against them. This won’t work forever, but it can certainly tie up legal resources that could be better applied elsewhere.

There’s no need to waste your valuable time or the time of team members attempting to serve a defendant who is dodging receipt of process. With reliable process server services from Precedent Legal Services, you can hand off this essential, but time-consuming task to professionals who will get the job done.

Benefits of Professional Process Server Support Services

As many legal professionals are no doubt aware, law enforcement officers may be called upon to serve a summons in certain cases. However, there are several reasons why it’s better to work with professional process server services.

For one thing, law enforcement officials have more important things to do. While they certainly understand relevant laws surrounding service of process, this is not their primary job, and they may naturally be sidetracked by more pressing concerns, leaving your client waiting in limbo. Plus, a sheriff may only be able to provide service for state or local cases, meaning you’d have to find another option for service of process in federal cases anyway.

Precedent Legal Services operates as a nationwide, professional litigation support services provider dedicated to doing everything possible to make your job easier. While you’re focused on trial preparation, we can get to work tracking down parties that don’t necessarily want to be found in order to ensure that they receive process so your case can proceed, whether the defendant shows up or not.

As your professional process server, our only goal is to serve your needs. We have the expertise to follow through and provide you with accurate estimates for costs and timelines. Independent process server support is your best bet to guarantee service of process, and Precedent Legal Services will go above and beyond to guarantee your satisfaction.

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