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Precedent Legal Services, Inc. offers a full suite of trial support services.  The collection, management, retrieval and presentation of copious quantities of critically important information at the precisely the right moment is what you need to ensure success at trial.  A compelling presentation of that information is critical and can mean the difference between success with a clear cut case or a confused and unpersuaded jury.  Let our experts assist you in the creation of that case with our pre-trial support services.  Our team members are experts in technologically advanced litigation support, and can help you manage your case from discovery to verdict.  You need all your case’s information at your fingertips, perfectly organized and ready to make an impact at a moment’s notice.  From the early stages of discovery, to pretrial services, document, data management and scanning, jury research and more, we are your litigation support partner.

Precedent Legal Services is a full-service litigation support firm that provides strategic consulting and services from discovery through trial to your litigators. Not only can we help you at trial, but we can also support the intensive preparation leading up to trial. Your clients deserve the best, most compelling presentation of case evidence at trial, with clarity and impact.  We want to help you, and your client achieve that goal.  To discuss how our trial services team can help you to win your next case, please contact one of our  litigation support consultants today. We are your full service litigation support partner.

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