Properly Vetting Your Firm’s Records Retrieval Service

Before your firm goes all-in on hiring a records retrieval service, you want to ask the right questions. This will ensure that you are getting a service that meets your long-term needs. Here are a few good questions to keep in mind.

  • Do you have legal records experience? – Don’t take for granted that a records retrieval service has experience with legal records. Since you need documents procured in the right manner to make them admissible, this is a vital question.
  • Are you familiar with the subpoena process? – If they claim to have legal records experience but aren’t familiar with what types of records require a subpoena, you may not be getting the entire story. This is especially crucial if many of your cases rely on medical records and other private documents that will have to be legally unsealed.
  • Where do you operate? – A local service may be good for some things, but what if you need documents from other areas or even another state? A national records retrieval service can save you from having to work with multiple companies.
Affordable Nationwide Records Retrieval Services

Precedent Legal Services ticks all the boxes when it comes to records retrieval and many of the other services your firm may require. We work with law firms of all sizes and makeups. Contact us today by calling 619.550.1589 to learn what we can do to help streamline operations at your firm. You can also submit our online contact form to request a quote for our services.

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