Reasons to Store Your Law Firm’s Data Digitally and Offsite

Your law firm’s documents are a vital resource. From archived case files to open cases, there are several important reasons to keep this data stored digitally and to have an offsite backup. Here are a few of the essential reasons for digital, offsite data storage.

  • Space Saver – You probably need local copies of your data digitally and maybe even on paper for ongoing cases. But the more you can digitize and shred, the more room you can free up at your offices.
  • Maintaining Privacy – It is a lot easier to protect data when it is stored digitally and offsite. Someone who wants to get to the data may not even know where it is or how to access it. If you can keep employee passwords safe, then no one can get to your data.
  • Business Continuity – We hate to think about fires, floods, earthquakes, and the like, but it is a necessary part of running a business. You want your firm to be up and running as soon as possible should a disaster occur, and storing data offsite is a key element to being prepared.
Data Solutions for Law Firms in Southern California

Precedent Legal Services, based in San Diego, can help your firm with data solutions and many other useful services. We offer affordable services that are accessible to firms of any size, so contact us today at 619.550.1589 to learn what we can do for you, or fill out the online contact form.

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