Times You Need a Document Copy and Scanning Service for Your Firm

Document copy and scanning can waste a ton of time around the office that would better serve your bottom line working on cases and securing new clients. What are some of the situations where outsourcing document copying and scanning can really provide savings in the long-run for your firm?

  • High-volume jobs – When you need hundreds or even thousands of photocopies, it can waste time and resources to take care of the job in-house. You can’t dedicate a team member to spend a full day on this, and you don’t want to waste time changing toner cartridges, replacing paper, and fixing jams at the copier.
  • Going paperless – If you have a full stockroom of documents to digitize, that is a job for a third-party who can focus on this particular job and get it done fast, rather than allocating resources in-house when someone is available to work for a few hours here and there.
  • Instead of replacing the copier/scanner – When an expensive piece of equipment breaks, maybe it’s time to outsource instead of replacing it and needing to continue maintaining yet another piece of technology.
Professional Document Copying and Scanning Services for Law Firms

Precedent Legal Services is proud to offer professional document copying and scanning services from our offices in San Diego, California. For more information, call 619.550.1589, or you can request a quote for our legal services online. Find out what we can do to help streamline your firm!

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