What Should You Expect from a Legal Messenger Service?

A legal messenger service can offer many benefits to your law firm. Not only can you avoid the expense of having an in-house messenger, but you can also avoid the frustration of using private couriers who don’t understand the requirements involved with legal documents. Here are a few things you should be able to expect from your legal messenger service.

  • Confidentiality – The messenger shouldn’t even be curious about what is in a sealed envelope. And if the document is being served, the messenger should recognize the importance of maintaining privacy.
  • Experience in various delivery situations – Not everyone is going to be happy to receive documents from a legal messenger. What if the documents are divorce papers, a subpoena, or some type of lawsuit? Your messenger service needs to be able to handle adversarial situations when the job calls for it.
  • Prompt delivery – Time is of the essence when it comes to many legal matters. You need a legal messenger service that can deliver documents quickly and allows you to track the delivery online for additional assurance. Once you know the papers have arrived, you can check that off your list and breathe a little easier.
Legal Messenger Services in San Diego

Precedent Legal Services offers the legal messenger services that San Diego law firms trust. We have experienced messengers and offer timely delivery with tracking, so you never have to call to find out if your documents have been delivered. To learn more, call 619.550.1589, or you can request a quote for this and other legal services by submitting the online contact form.

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