Why Your Law Firm Needs to Outsource Document Copying and Scanning

If you run a law firm, then you understand how much of the day is spent scanning documents or making photocopies. We’re going to look at some of the benefits of outsourcing this daily occurrence.

  • Time – Think of all the time that is spent standing around the copier or scanner. Are you even including the times when it doesn’t work right and you need to wait for tech support to help?
  • Money – Copiers and scanners are expensive and need to be updated and maintained. Then there are the costs for toner and paper. You may even have to pay an additional in-house employee to keep up with the equipment and the copying and scanning of documents. That can all add up to a lot of money, maybe even more than outsourcing would cost you.
  • Space – Besides needing an area for copying and scanning to be performed, you may also need a large room for holding all of the documents from old cases. Hiring a company to scan all of those documents can free up an entire room and allow you to take on a large staff or move to a smaller and less expensive facility.
Boost Your Productivity with a Legal Services Provider

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